The joint representation of the various branches of the concert and event industry, which at first glance appear different, has proved very successful during the association’s practice. As a result of the fact that most of the companies in the industry are active in several fields anyway, it makes sense to bundle the interests of all of the individual segments into one general association. In addition, it has proven a good idea to bring together even such various interests as promoters, agents and managers in one organisation so that each branch can benefit from the problems and requirements of the others.

The task of the Federal Association in accordance with its constitution is the promotion of the professional interests of its members, as well as the protection of these against third parties, in particular with regard to legislators and authorities.

The association acts as an advisor to its members on all specialized questions, representation of interests to lobbyists and acts as a forum for all of the concerns of the concert organisation business and the artist support branch of the industry.

In addition to the two affiliated associations, the IFSU and VDVT, over 230 companies from all branches of the cultural establishment are direct members of the national association. The spectrum ranges from typical “one-person offices”, through performance operations with an extensive staff, to the major corporations in the sector, and they all have equal rights.